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Cupuacu Pet Shampoo
Natural Sunscreen

Amazonia Cupuacu Shampoo (pronounced ku-pu-AH-sue), is a gentle, cleansing, tearless, vegan shampoo that enhances the skin lipid barrier, giving pets skin extra protection. Cupuacu acts as a shield against sun damage.
Like nature’s sunscreen!
This formula has a fresh scent, slightly floral, slightly fruity. Hard to describe but closest we thought of was a typical human shampoo, salon scent. Not heavy or overpowering.

Cupuacu is Brazilian Cocoa. Naturally rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, A and C, fatty and amino acids and 9 antioxidants. Specially formulated to help combat dry skin and coat through an infusion of moisture straight from nature.

Available size: 500ml