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Amazonia Pet Hair Detangler
Ideal for knot-prone, shedding and non-shed coats

Amazonia Detangler helps remove knots and tangles when brushing and combing for faster knot removal, reduced grooming time and easier coat maintenance. Kinder for pets by helping reduce coat pulling, pain and stress compared to using a brush or comb alone.

Ideal for knot-prone, shedding and non-shed coats, where dead hairs gets stuck and tangled in the coat, causing knots or mats to form if not brushed out.

Makes the coat silkier and easier to brush. Leaves the coat shiny and easier to style without irritation. Helps condition damaged, dry, frequently groomed coats, and replaces lost hydration for frequently bathed and blow-dried coats.

Formulated with Vitamin B5 (D-panthenol) and guarana extract. B5 helps promote hydration and conditioning, leaving hair softer, more supple and stronger, while guarana helps stimulate the hair follicle.

Available size: 500ml spray