$24.60 inc GST

Orilcare is an advanced rehydration drink for cats to help in the management of acute intestinal absorptive disorders, such as diarrhoea, as well as pancreatitis and post-gastrointestinal surgery.

Orilcare uses only purified water, and essential electrolytes, glucose ad glycine to create an extremely palatable, fast acting solution that cats love, even when feeling nauseous!
it contains a balanced level of electrolytes, including sodium and potassium, with easily digestible sugar in an isotonic solution.

  • Very Palatable
  • Economical concentrate for diluting
  • Can be used for many things including recovery from parvo, post-operations, renal disease, racing and working dogs, diarrhoea and general health.

Most people keep a jug of cool water in the fridge for the family. it is a good idea to do this for your pet too! Just put 30ml of concentrate in the hip flask, dilute with water to fill flask and keep ready in your fridge.

Available in a 500ml concentrate