The sun has finally arrived and our dreams of taking our best mate on a summers stroll have come true.  As we are donning our sun hat, shoes, and sunglasses we must also make sure our mates also enjoy their summer walk.


We are fortunate in the Wairarapa to have so many remarkable places to take our dogs for a summer walk.






Hot Surfaces

We avoid walking our dogs on hot summer surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and beach sand. These surfaces can get searingly hot causing blisters or burns to the dog’s paw pads. If we have any doubt, we place our hand down on the surface for a few seconds and if it feels too hot to us then we avoid walking at that time.





Grass Seed

Our dogs enjoy running around in the long grass so when we finish our walk it is important to check vulnerable areas and brush away any unwanted grass seed. These tiny seeds can become lodged in a dog’s ears, eyes, paws; and as they are pointed and sharp, they can also work their way under the skin around your dog’s body. A grass seed injury can be excruciating and can result in a visit to the Vet.





It’s summer and our dogs are stuck going for a walk wearing a fur coat. We tend to avoid summer walks during peak sun hours when the sun is directly overhead. Regular grooming also helps to keep our dogs cool because it removes dead or excess hair, leaving them with a less dense coat that makes it easier to stay cool on summer walks.






If we’re planning to walk in an area without a source of fresh water, then we carry a water bottle and a small bowl for the dog to drink from. Some dogs can be suspicious of unfamiliar water and strange drinking bowls so taking your own from home is recommended.






Taking your dog for a summer walk isn’t all about physical exercise, we like to chill-out and enjoy the scenery, whereas our dogs like to slow down to smell mailboxes, trees, and signposts. It might seem pointless to us but it’s super important to a dog and it helps to take a breather on a hot day.