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Botanical Name: Petroselinum crispum

Highly reliable and hardy variety with a tightly curled leaf and excellent flavour on compact plants. Cropping through the year, it is ideal for pots or use to decorate garden edges. Prefers a rich, well cultivated soil.

How To Grow:
Sow seeds thinly 1cm deep in trays or cells of compost. Germination is often slow and can be enhanced by pouring hot water over the newly sown seeds, being careful not to dislodge the seeds. Thin out to 15cm apart, and later to 30cm apart. For a continuous crop cover plants with a cloche during December-August. Alternatively, grow in Parsley Pots. Sow seed direct, and thin out to 2-3 plants per pot. Bring indoors in the autumn.

When To Plant: All year as required.
Harvest: All year as required.
Sow: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Number of Seeds: 1000