BLOOD MEAL (Natural)

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Organic N -13 plus trace elements

If you’re looking for a source of organic nitrogen for the garden, then you won’t find a richer non-artificial source than Yardlands Blood Meal also known as dried blood. It is a dry, gritty, water-resistant powder that is activated by soil microbes. This natural method ensures nitrogen gets to the plant when it needs it and doesn’t leach away down the soil profile and into the nearest waterway. Blood Meal is an excellent food for leafy nitrogen hungry plants such as lettuce, silverbeet, brassicas and any winter flowering plants like polyanthus, pansies, violas and primulas.

Blood Meal is one of the best compost activators, simply throw a handful in the compost heap between layers will certainly help fire it up.

Available in 1kg and 2.5kg

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