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Energel is a high-calorie, mineral/vitaminised dietary supplement for dogs and cats, in the form of a highly palatable paste with protein, fats and carbohydrates. It helps provide nutritional support when normal food intake may be lacking over a prolonged period.
Energel helps to stimulate appetite while providing calories and other dietary essentials to debilitated or convalescent animals, or those recovering from surgery.
Energel is high in calorific value, B group vitamins, folic acid, vitamins A, D, E, calcium, iron, iodine, magnesium and manganese.

The B group vitamins and palatable base help stimulate appetite. The high vitamin A content (3000 iu/10g) makes Nutrigel especially valuable for debilitated cats.

As a concentrated, easily administered paste, Energel can be useful:

  • During inappetence and general debility
  • As a general vitamin/mineral supplement
  • After oral or bowel surgery
  • Where mouth lesions impair food intake
  • During feline respiratory disease
  • To assist with administering other medication

Available in a 200g tube