Provide different types of protein for your hens. Here’s why.

Most of our hens have molted by now and are in the process of growing new feathers plus they are busy keeping themselves warm and preparing to lay some nice golden eggs this coming season. Not only do these activities require lots of quality protein, but the protein also needs to come from different sources. Different types of protein (including bugs, worms, and insects) have different types and amounts of amino acids which provide different building blocks for eggs, immune response, muscles, feathers, and bodily processes.

One of our most concentrated forms of protein in our poultry range is Meat & Bone Meal this can be fed adlib to poultry during periods of high protein requirement.

We source our Meat & Bone Meal in bulk and bag it as needed this way we can be sure of its quality and freshness.

Other forms of protein we source from throughout NZ are Sunflower Seed, Kelp Meal, and Meal Worms they are all really good protein sources for your hens. These and other winter food supplements like garlic and apple cider can be found in store along with cozy bedding for the coop and our own popular Chocka Chook layers feed.


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