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Diatomaceous earth (DM) is made from fossilised shells called diatoms. These tiny hard shells are mined from the bottom of ancient waterways then crushed and used as a natural insecticide. The shell of the diatoms consists of mostly silica, when crushed the silica is, to a mite, like tiny glass shards which damage their outer skin causing them to dehydrate and perish. The particles are far too small to be harmful to larger organisms like humans. Available in 1kg and 3kg bags


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Meat & Bone is chocka full of protein (48%), this form of extra protein is helpful to hens at times of growth and laying. After a busy spring-summer laying eggs the hens egg production will being slow down (or stop). At this point the hens will begin using protein from their food for re-growing their new feathers to keep warm over the winter. This is the perfect time to boost their protein consumption by adding meat & bone meal to their diet. This will promote a faster return to egg laying. Available in 5kg bags

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Yardlands Garlic Granules are chocka full of trace minerals and natural antioxidants. For many years poultry owners have been reaping the benefits of feeding Garlic to all types of poultry birds. Some of the benefits they report are that garlic assists in the control of internal and external parasites and respiratory infection. Available in 700g bags

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Yardlands Kelp Granules are chocka full of organically balanced trace minerals, vitamins and amino acids. For many years farmers and breeders have been reaping the benefits of feeding kelp to all types of poultry birds. Some of the benefits reported are as follows:

  • Improved vibrant-orange yoked eggs
  • More uniform shell texture with reduced breakage
  • More uniform shell texture and thickness with less breakage
  • Improved laying performance.
  • Better fertility rates
  • Less coccidiosis outbreaks in baby chicks when kelp is included in their diet
Available in 1kg bags  



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Laying hens will happily eat oyster shell because they recognise its high calcium content. Hens need this calcium to produce hard egg shells. Laying hens should always have access to oyster shell.

Available in 2kg and 5kg bags




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Topflite Meal Worms are a healthy, nutritious snack filled with protein, making a mouthful of mealworms perfect for them to get through the leaner periods.

  • Provide some protein power to your pets
  • A great source of natural vitamins, minerals and key nutrients
  • All natural feed great for wild birds looking to feed their young
  • Enjoyed by a range of aviary and wild birds
  • Ingredients: Dried mealworm. Nothing more, nothing less.
Available in 125g and 500g bags



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Poultry Pecker This powerhouse of chia, garlic and herbs is tightly packed into an enriching (and entertaining) tasty treat. The perfect way to keep your hens happy and healthy (while making them work for it). Our Poultry Pecker is a nutritious boredom buster!